Brand Assets

  • You can use these resources to promote Scuba Digital in general or as a referral partner (along with your referral link).
  • You can use these resources to promote Scuba Digital on your own website, blog, and social media accounts.
  • Correct: Scuba Digital, Scuba.Digital, or #ScubaDigital (on social media)
  • Not correct: scubadigital, SCUBADIGITAL, Scubadigital, scubaDigital,,
  • Do not modify any of the assets. Please contact us if you need other logos or banners that are not listed here.

Instructions to use: Please download and upload the retina ready PNGs as they are. After uploading them to your site you can give them a custom width and height – either 300×250 or 728×90. Images for social media can be used as they are.

Referral link: Please do not forget to link these banners with your referral link that can be found in the exhibitor hub.


Logo as SVG or PNG @2x



Website banners (300×250)

Website banners (728×90)

instagram banners (1080×1080)

Facebook, Twitter & linkedin banners (1800×900)

Scuba.Digital 2021
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